Accurate temperatures to any device

What makes Range Dial a smart cooking thermometer? The Range app for iPhone and iPad. It gets a calibrated temperature reading from your Range thermometer, and from there, you can monitor, graph and log temperatures on your device. With our programming tools, you can add temperature readings to your application, too.

SDK for developers

iOS Library. We're currently working on an update to our existing iOS Range SDK to add support for Range Dial. Since Range Dial uses the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, it's not difficult to get an app on iOS, Android or any platform that supports Bluetooth LE talking to it.

Cordova sample project. A quick way to get started is with the Cordova sample project. Cordova is a cross-platform framework that lets you develop apps for iOS, Android and more using HTML and Javascript.

Serial protocol. Once you open a UART connection to Range Dial on any platform, all you need are a few commands to work with it. Contact us for preliminary documentation on the data and commands you can expect to get and send.

Contact us with requests for the code or documentation, any technical questions, or to inquire for wholesale orders.

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