Range Smart thermometer. Smarter cook.

Cook better with precise temperature readings, alerts to iPhones anywhere, and recipe graphs. Every cook can use an assistant to grill a perfectly rare steak, roast a juicier turkey, whip up firmer caramel, or recreate your best homebrew. Range monitors your temperatures and alerts you so you don't have to guess.

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Range. Smart thermometer, smarter cook.

Listen to your home, wherever you are.

Twine alerts you to small problems before they become big problems. Quick Wi-Fi setup and AAA batteries that last up to 3 months let you drop Twine anywhere you want to monitor temperature, vibration and orientation. Additional sensors detect floods, leaks, opened doors, and signals from your other home systems. Tell a web app what to listen to with simple rules, and you'll get notifications and peace of mind via email, SMS, Twitter and more.

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